Who is Patientco and why am I being billed?

  • Patientco partners with healthcare providers across the country to simplify the patient billing experience. If you have received a Patientco statement, your provider has opted to use Patientco’s statement printing and online bill pay service.
  • If you have questions related to the services and charges on your bill, insurance filing questions, or other general questions not related to your online Patientco account, please contact your medical provider directly.

I have questions about charges to my bank account or credit card.

Patientco processes payments on behalf of healthcare providers across the country. The charges on your bank or credit card statement may be from:

  • A payment you made while at the hospital or doctors office
  • A payment you made using the Patientco website or by calling the toll-free phone number on your bill and using the automated phone system
  • A payment you made by calling your provider and giving your credit card details over the phone

Please note that charges on your financial statement may be listed as originating from either Patientco Holdings, Inc. or from your provider directly.

If you have questions about a specific charge, please contact the Patientco support team at 888-747-2455 or email support@patientco.com before contacting your financial institution.